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2015 She Writes Press Author Survey

  Hello She Writes Press authors! Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to complete our annual 2015 She Writes Press survey. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and will help us improve the She Writes Press experience for our authors and ultimately, our readers. Your answers are completely confidential, really! We have no way of knowing who answers what (unless you want to leave us a …Read More

She Writes Press National Spring Book Tour

Join us on the She Writes Press Spring Book Tour! She Writes Press is hitting the road for our 2015 Spring Book Tour, and we hope to see you there! From now through July, we’re stopping at some of the coolest indie bookstores across the country to share stories and sit awhile. This year’s tour features 18 She Writes Press authors who will share readings from their books, share a bit …Read More

How Rejections Can Help You

Today I sat in on the agent panel at the San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference with agents April Eberhardt, Penny Nelson, Andy Ross, and Jeff Kleinman. Agent panels are always popular at writers’ conferences, and for obvious reasons. It’s a dream come true to be represented by an agent, even though being offered representation by an agent is only a first baby step for most writers on their road …Read More

How to Maximize Kindle Sales When You’re Traditionally Published

On our January 31 webinar, Cashing in with Kindle Books, Howard VanEs offered a lot of really solid information for authors regarding how to sell more Kindle ebooks. And because traditionally published authors don’t have access to KDP, a lot of you were asking the question, How does all of the good stuff Kindle allows for self-published authors pertain to my book? Here’s the scoop: If you’re traditionally published, you …Read More

Tinted Memoir Writing—and Why You Should Do It

One of the primary struggles new memoirists face is the question of what to sacrifice in the telling of their memoir, or what to focus on. When a person decides to write a memoir, it’s inevitable that the experience of what they want to write about seems too big, too sprawling, and so the question of how to structure and organize their memoir begins to formulate. And then, promptly, overwhelm …Read More