Why SWP?

Two women on a mission.

Founder Kamy Wicoff and Publisher Brooke Warner have long dedicated themselves to empowering women writers, acting on their shared belief that writing is life- and world-changing for women and girls.  Between them they bring thirty years of women-centric publishing experience to the table: Kamy as a best-selling author who’s experienced the publishing industry as an author-forced-to-become-entrepreneur; Brooke as a former executive editor who spent the majority of her professional career at Seal Press. In creating SWP, their aim is to help more women bring their books to completion, and to successfully shepherd more books by women—particularly those without connections to the existing system—into the wider world.

Writers don’t let writers write alone. (Deborah Siegel said that.)

At She Writes Press, we are also committed to helping women establish and build a platform—arguably the most important factor in getting traditionally published—by promoting our authors’ works in a biannual catalog that will be mailed out to reviewers, booksellers, and media; announcing new publications to our existing network; and eventually selling our authors’ books in a She Writes Press online bookstore. Our submission fee covers the cost of evaluating the projects we receive. We do not make a profit on your submission. We are interested in giving you solid and constructive feedback that will help you determine the next best step for your manuscript.

Kamy and Brooke put their own babies (aka their books) where their press is.

This is not a press for “other people” who haven’t made it in the world of traditional publishing. It is, its founders firmly believe, the future—and an exciting one at that. Brooke’s book, What’s Your Book?, kicked off SWP’s list in the fall of 2012. Kamy’s novel, Wishful Thinking, is coming out on our spring 2015 list—finally.  Read Kamy’s post about her decision to publish with SWP here.

The best of both worlds.

She Writes Press is unique in the world of publishing because we’re neither traditional publishing, nor are we self-publishing. We have begun to bill ourselves as a “third way” and we proudly occupy the gray zone, a much-needed alternative in a rapidly changing publishing landscape. Unlike self-publishing platforms that publish whatever comes through regardless of quality,  SWP works with its authors to ensure that their books will be well-received in the marketplace. Unlike traditional publishing houses, which buy the majority stake in your book but often don’t deliver when it comes to providing the editorial and marketing help you need, SWP gives authors a traditional house experience, complete with an experienced editorial and production team, while allowing them to retain full ownership of their project and earnings.