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Buzz Your Book with M.J. Rose


With more than 400,000 books published a year it is harder than ever to get attention for a book.

But there are things you can do as an author to help your books sell.

Nothing sells books like word of mouth. But how do you get word of mouth started? How do you get the first 300, or 500, or 2,000 readers?

No one ever buys a book they never heard of. No one walks into a bookstore or a library and says “I want to read a book you never heard of and I never heard of.”

So how do you get people to know about your book?

There are many, many ways, and that’s what Buzz Your Book is all about! Self-published, traditionally published, these 7 webinars, taught by best-selling author and founder of AuthorBuzz.com M.J. Rose, will help you buzz your book.

Who is M.J. Rose?

M.J. Rose was the creative director of a $150 million ad agency when she became the first author to self-publish and be discovered online—way back in 1998. She was the epublishing reporter for Wired.com for four years and then started AuthorBuzz, the first marketing company for authors. She’s the co-author of three marketing books, including Buzz Your Book and What To Do Before Your Book Launch. Rose is also the best-selling author of thirteen novels, including Lip Service, The Reincarnationist, The Book of Lost Fragrances, and the upcoming Seduction. Rose has been a guest on The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Jim Leher News Hour, and NPR’s All Things Considered, and has been featured in The New York Tines, The Wall St Journal, Time magazine and more.


LESSON 1. The Buzz Basics

LESSON 2. Marketing Your Book—As Important As Writing It

LESSON 3. Getting Attention and Sales—and What Brainstorming Has To Do with It

LESSON 4. ONE Giant idea—and How to Get Out the News

LESSON 5. Your Online Marketing Plan

LESSON 6. Building Buzz To Cultivate Your Readers

Bonus. Your Book and What To Do About It

Buzz Your Book, the e-book

What do New York Times bestselling writers Nora Roberts, Terry Brooks, Neil Gaiman, Janet Evanovich, Tess Gerritsen, and John Saul all have in common? They give tips on getting Buzz for books in M.J. Rose?s and Douglas Clegg?s Buzz Your Book! If you are a published author, you know that not even the biggest NY publishing houses do enough advertising and promotion for the majority of their titles. Buzz your Book gives you tons of tips and ideas to get the Buzz going for your book. And it’s FREE with this course.


When you buy this webinar, you’ll also get access to M.J. Rose via a private group on She Writes. This direct connection to M.J. and her expertise is worth the cost of the program alone!

How much is it?

You could pay a publicist thousands to get the information M.J. Rose provides in this course. Or start here, for just $199.

SWP authors get this program included with the She Publishes Package.