There is nothing more important when it comes to selling a book than your cover. That’s why at SWP we up the ante when it comes to cover design to make sure that your books are competing with your counterparts at the traditional houses.

The She Publishes package includes a high-level custom cover design. We allocate $500 to our cover images, and we take our cover designs very seriously.  We also work with expert custom interior designers that will make sure your interior is as lovely as the cover it rests between. As part of the package, we do full file preparation, both for e-publication and for POD (print-on-demand) or print. The production process begins the moment you submit a manuscript that we have deemed ready for publication.

You will fill out a cover memo to help our designers understand your sensibilities, as well as give examples of other book covers that appeal to you. You will initially receive a pdf file of five rough design concepts and choose the one which most resonates with you, which a SWP designer will then polish for your final book jacket.

While your cover is being designed, your manuscript will be proofread by a SWP proofreader. Your manuscript goes to layout once you’ve approved your final cover design and accepted the changes the proofreader has made to your manuscript. A given manuscript typically goes through two to three rounds of changes post-layout.

Once you and your project manager have finalized the interior, the book is ready to go to the printer. At this point (or earlier), you will supply us with back cover content and blurbs to edit. The She Publishes package includes an editorial review of your back cover.

Once both the cover and interior files are approved and to your liking, your book will be uploaded and made ready and available for POD (print-on-demand), or it will be prepped for printing.