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Monthly Memo – February 2017

Every month we celebrate noteworthy achievements and upcoming events happening within the She Writes Press community. From author interviews to launch parties, we shine a light on a few of the fantastic things happening in our world.

If you have coverage you’d like to share, a new award to your name or an event planned, please let Alyssa know at alyssa@sparkpointstudio.com and we’ll get you included in our next Monthly Memo.


Big congrats to all of our She Writes Press authors who made the shortlist for the Sarton Literary Award.

We are so proud of our talented authors! Virginia A. Simpson, Jo Ivester, Ashley Sweeney, Jenni Ogden, Libby Ware and Mary Dingee Fillmore are all up for the Sarton Literary Award. Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

Cindy Eastman taught us how to grieve in unusual circumstances.

Flip-Flops After 50: And Other Thoughts on Aging I Remembered to Write Down author Cindy Eastman had her essay featured on Next Avenue where she spoke of grief for the death of an ex-husband. 

Cindi Michael booked multiple events.

The Sportscaster’s Daughter author Cindi Michael booked two in-person events this month! Be sure to show your support at her upcoming event on February 23rd in Oakland (get the details here).

Michelle Cox was named a semi-finalist.

Michelle Cox’s A Girl Like You was short-listed in The Mystery and Mayhem Book Awards by Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media. Best of luck in the final round!

Leora Krygier received an exciting new review.

Leora Krygier got a V.O.Y.A. (Voice of Youth Advocate) review for Keep Her. Be on the lookout for it in the February issue.

Ginger McKnight-Chavers was featured in Dallas Morning News.

In the Heart of Texas author Ginger McKnight-Chavers was featured in the Dallas Morning News. She also has an NBC affiliate feature coming soon!

Roni Beth Tower was reviewed in a local magazine.

Roni Beth Tower’s Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance was reviewed in the February issue of Westchester Magazine. They praised it as “an inspiring and authentic love story…this moving memoir will bring hope and comfort to those who wonder how romance appears and evolves as we grow older.” 

Becky Austill-Clausen received a Kirkus review.

Becky Austill-Clausen’s Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life received a stellar review by Kirkus Reviews: “In this debut account of losing a beloved family member, a woman finds hope and joy in profound moments of spiritual connection…a rich, insightful New-Age narrative.”

Mary Fillmore was named Indie Book of the Month.

Mary Fillmore’s An Address in Amsterdam was chosen by Kirkus Reviews as one of its Indie Books of the Month for March 2017.

Betsy Fasbinder was chosen to be a speaker at an upcoming conference.

Fire and Water author Betsy Fasbinder was picked to speak at the San Francisco Writers’ Conference this year. She will be co-leading a pre-conference workshop as well as hosting solo breakout session called “From Page to Stage: Seven Simple Skills to Transform You Into a Passionate Advocate for Your Book.”

Laurel Davis Huber was picked to participate in the ABA Winter Institute.

The Velveteen Daughter author Laurel Davis Huber was chosen as an American Booksellers Association Winter Institute pick for 2017. Make sure you check out the line-up of talented authors!

Annette Gendler got a spectacular review from Kirkus Reviews.

Jumping Over Shadows by Annette Gendler will be reviewed in Kirkus Reviews’ February 25th print issue: “Interwoven with the story of Gendler’s great-aunt and illustrated with family photographs, the author’s story offers an intimate and interesting…look at one woman’s life choices and their outcomes….[a] candid and heartfelt memoir.”

Claudia Six spilled her relationship tips on Reader’s Digest.

Erotic Integrity author Claudia Six had her article “11 Ways You Can Get Back to the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship” featured on Reader’s Digest. She also wrote an article for Class Pass on “10 Simple Things You Can Say to Improve Your Relationship.”

Leah Lax’s essay was featured in the Houston Chronicle.

Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home author Leah Lax wrote an insightful essay about seeking freedom in America in the Houston Chronicle.

J.A. Wright’s book was spotted traveling the subway.  Iris Waichler taught us how to care for our aging loved ones.

J.A. Wright’s How to Grow an Addict is now available to read on the New York subway thanks to Books on the Subway.

Iris Waichler taught us how to care for our aging loved ones.

Role Reversal: How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents author Iris Waichler wrote an informative article for The Intentional Caregiver on “How to Assess When Your Aging Loved Ones May Be at Risk.”

Have something to share in the next Monthly Memo? Be sure to email alyssa@sparkpointstudio.com

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