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Angela Lam

Photo_LamAngela Lam is a writer and artist who lives in Northern California. She is the author of a collection of short stories, The Human Act and Other Stories, and three novels (published under Angela Lam Turpin). Red Eggs and Good Luck won the 2003 Mary Tanenbaum Award for creative nonfiction and She Writes Press’s 2014 Memoir Discovery Contest.


About Red Eggs and Good Luck

9781631520051_fcIn China, girls are bad luck and are often drowned. But Angela and her sisters are lucky. They are born in America and allowed to live two lives in one world: eating dim sum and praying the rosary; studying hard at school and playing make believe with their dolls. With a Chinese father who loves consumerism and an American mother determined to give her daughters the opportunities she was denied, Angela and her sisters grow up celebrating both their Chinese heritage and their American culture. But when their father suddenly becomes ill, Angela begins to question the limits of luck and the power of prayer—and to wonder whether she will ever find the courage to be herself.