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Project Description

Christine Meyer, MD is an award-winning, board-certified internal medicine physician. In addition to full-time medical practice, she serves as the president of Team CMMD Foundation, a nonprofit she founded to support families in her community who are struggling with cancer. Through her poignant and often funny blog, Despite My Medical Degree, Dr. Meyer shares insight on the work-family life balance she struggles to maintain. She has been interviewed for the Philadelphia InquirerMain Line Today Magazine, and WCHE radio. She and her husband reside in Downingtown, PA with their three children.


In the course of their lifetime, one out of two men and one out of three women will be diagnosed with cancer. Many of us watch in desperation as our friends and loved ones fight for their lives. But after seeing several of her patients and her dearest aunt engage in a battle with cancer, Dr. Christine Meyer decided to embark on a quest for hope—and through happenstance and love, a team of runners emerged that empowered a community to make a difference, not only in the lives of cancer patients, but in one another’s lives. Along the way, Meyer learned that the true measure of a doctor’s success is not the number of lives saved but the number of lives touched.