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Cindy Eastman

HiResAuthorphotoBorn in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1958, Cindy Eastman was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She attended undergraduate schools in Austin, Texas and graduate school in Springfield, Massachusetts and holds a Master’s degree in Education. After writing a weekly column for the Waterbury Observer, she began publishing essays on her website, Writing Out Loud.

Her career in education has taken a wide and diverse route from teaching computer skills to elementary schoolchildren to facilitating professional learning communities for teachers and teaching English as an adjunct to college freshmen at a community college.

Currently, she coordinates a supervised visitation service with her husband in his counseling practice and does diversity and anti-bullying trainings for the Anti-Defamation League. She also teaches a writing course for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the Waterbury campus of UConn. Eastman makes her home in Connecticut with her husband, Angelo, and their cat. She is working on a second collection of essays when she is not babysitting her grandson


About Flip-Flops After Fifty

flip_flops_finalThe collection of essays in Flip-Flops After Fifty will immediately amuse, enlighten, and provoke the reader to think about the topics that affect all of us. This writer has experienced some of life’s painful jabs and has come through it all with strength, humor, and having learned a lesson or two. And she’s happy to share these lessons with others. Who hasn’t dealt with the emotions from family events, stress from lousy jobs, or the bittersweet feelings when the kids leave home? Not to mention body image, high school reunions, and parenting. It’s all covered here in this first collection of personal and insightful essays. Chapters include: “Family”, “The Holidays” and “Fifty.”

Eastman’s conversational style and easy humor tackle the sublime and the ridiculous, the sacred and the profane. After a certain age, and it’s no secret that it’s fifty, Eastman’s essays argue that attitudes change for the better. Making decisions gets easier, although there’s no guarantee that life does. Even so, her writing allows us to take a look at our own issues with the reassuring handholding of a confidante. This is a collection that you will want to keep for yourself as well as give to a friend.