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Claudia Six

claudia headshotClaudia Six has an MA in counseling psychology and a PhD in clinical sexology, and twenty-five years of experience as a clinical sexologist and relationship coach in private practice near San Francisco. She has helped thousands of individuals and couples with relationship and sexual challenges, and coined the term Erotic Integrity® to describe her approach to her work with clients. She has written numerous articles and hosted her own Erotic Integrity radio show. She is married and has a perfect dog, and lives in Northern California.

About Erotic Integrity

9781631520792_fcHave you ever asked yourself the following questions: Are my desires normal? Can I share who I really am with my partner? Am I morally flawed because of my sexual fantasies? Is there something wrong with me sexually because I have low libido?

In Erotic Integrity, Dr. Claudia Six leads readers through ten sexual themes―including garden-variety performance anxiety, sexual boredom, newly dating, coming out, and more―and reveals three simple steps to a more rewarding sex life: knowing who you truly are as a sexual being, embracing that knowledge, and living it authentically. Frankly presented and illustrated with candid case studies, these steps can be applied by individuals and couples of all ages and sexual orientations, with or without children. Based on Dr. Six’s twenty years experience as a clinical sexologist, this straightforward guide skillfully challenges readers to self-examine, self-accept, and self-actualize for a more fulfilling sense of eroticism.