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Colleen Haggerty

Photo_HaggertyColleen Haggerty is an amputee, but she doesn’t identify herself by her disability. She worked for nearly twenty years in the non-profit world trying to change the world, but doesn’t define herself by that, either. She is a survivor of breast cancer, but loathes the pink ribbon. The role of her lifetime is that of being a mother. Now that she can hang her hat on. Haggerty is an inspiring public speaker and writer who has contributed to the anthologies The Spirit of a Woman, He Said What? (penned as Colleen Robinson), Dancing at the Shame Prom, and Beyond Belief. She lives with her husband and their two teenagers in Bellingham, WA.


About A Leg to Stand On

9781631529238_fcWhen Colleen Haggerty lost her leg in an accident during her senior year of high school, she could have retreated from life and let her disability become her defining quality—and no one would have blamed her for it. Instead, she went the opposite way. In the years following her accident, Haggerty explored her physical world with vigor, testing the limits of her body by joining a ski team, playing with a co-ed soccer team, and taking up kayaking and backpacking. She also tested the limits of her heart, pursuing love and passion with restless men.

In A Leg to Stand On, Haggerty recounts her life as a disabled woman, from redefining herself as a young woman after tragedy—fierce and able, but haunted by hard choices and suppressed grief—to choosing marriage and motherhood. That choice comes at great cost to the physical freedom Haggerty has fought for, but ultimately she finds redemption, fulfillment, and self-acceptance in the bargain. No one will read this book without being inspired to accept their past and create the future they always wanted.