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Judith Newton

Judith NewtonJudith Newton is Professor Emerita in Women and Gender Studies at U.C. Davis. She is the author and co-editor of five works of non fiction on nineteenth-century British women writers, feminist criticism, women’s history, and men’s movements. Her most current work has appeared in The Redwood Coast Review, poetalk, and at tasting-home.com and at. She lives in the East Bay of California.


About Tasting Home

Tasting Home is the history of a woman’s emotional education, the romantic tale of a marriageTastingHome_Cover_Web between a straight woman and a gay man, and an exploration of the ways that cooking can lay the groundwork for personal healing, intimate relation, and political community. Organized by decade and by the cookbooks that shaped author Judith Newton’s life, Tasting Home takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the cuisines, cultural spirit, and politics of the 1940s through 2011, complete with recipes.

Tasting Home won an IPPY (Independent Publisher’s) Award in memoir in 2013.

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Tasting Home is more than a food memoir. Influenced by the civil rights struggle, the women’s movement, and the AIDS epidemic, it is an odyssey of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Cooking serves as a powerful metaphor for the difficulties and pleasures of relations among mothers and daughters; husbands and wives; gays and heterosexuals; and racial-ethnic groups. Tasting Home, like a grand meal, is a resounding success.” –Belinda Robnett, author of How Long? How Long? African-American Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights.

In this captivating memoir, Newton draws the reader into a world where major events
are brought to life with poignant food memories. . . . Each vignette is pitch-perfect, lively, and engaging, striking a delicate balance between self-disclosure and universal themes of acceptance, love, community-building, and political engagement.” –Janet A. Flammang, author of The Taste for Civilization: Food, Politics, and Civil Society

5.0 out of 5 stars Tasting Home pleases on many levels, By Books Can Save a LifeSee all my reviews
This review is from: Tasting Home: Coming of Age in the Kitchen (Perfect Paperback)

I loved Judith’s book for many reasons: I enjoy cooking and good food, and she expresses beautifully how food enriches in so many ways; I grew up during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s but I’m younger than Judith, so I found her memoir to be a nostalgic and informative look back filled with fascinating stories like those an older sister might tell. This memoir is so rich and evocative, about food, history, the women’s movement, civil rights, AIDs, and a woman’s life – intimate, honest and revealing in its blend of the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. I think women who came of age during the 60s, and anyone interested in those turbulent times, will especially enjoy Tasting Home, as will those who appreciate the power of lovingly prepared home cooked food.

“This is a baby-boomer’s dream: a book full of anecdotes about coming of age in during the sexual revolution of the sixties — with recipes! . . . an ingeniously conceived, tightly written, and beautifully packaged memoir, a vibrant portrait of the American feminine cultural experience from the 1950s forward.” –Independent Publisher