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Project Description

Teresa Sullivan is retired RN, hospital administrator and clinician with twenty-plus years of experience in psychiatry and addiction medicine. She lives with her three rescued dogs, Danny, Maya, and Kate, in her hometown, Santa Monica, California.


A riveting memoir about growing up as the typical sibling in a family of four, Mikey & Me is Teresa Sullivan’s tribute to her beloved sister Mikey, who has autism spectrum disorder and is blind.

As Mikey gets older, her behavior becomes increasingly dangerous and, when she is twelve, institutionalization is the family’s only option. Without the unifying purpose of caring for Mikey, the family begins to unravel. Seeking comfort and connection, Teresa navigates the border between the mainstream and 1960s counterculture. Soon, however, peace and love morph into a darker world where drugs and addiction prevail— but Teresa and her parents always come together to visit Mikey.

Writing with clarity, eloquence, and heartbreaking poignancy, Sullivan shines a light on the complicated issues involved in caring for a special needs child. As she interweaves her exceptional sister’s journey with her own, Sullivan affirms the grace and brutality of Mikey’s life, and its indelible effect on her family.