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She Writes Press offers manuscript assessments to those authors who are at an impasse with their work. If you’ve been rejected by agents and editors and can’t figure out why, you might be a candidate for an assessment. Another good point at which to get an assessment is upon completion of a first draft. This is typically the point where you’ve lost a bit of objectivity, and it can be helpful to get a professional take on what’s working and not working.

Assessments entail a full word-for-word read of your manuscript. What you receive in exchange is a thorough evaluation of your work, including suggestions for ways in which you might improve the story, or places where your writing might need a bit of strengthening. This is an honest evaluation, and invaluable for those authors who are ready to see how their work will measure up in the competitive publishing world.

Assessments are billed at $70/hour. If you are interested in hiring us to assess your work, please contact Publisher Brooke Warner for a bid.