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If it’s determined through our assessment process that a manuscript needs developmental editing, SWP encourages authors to explore coaching. Coaching at She Writes Press is more than just support to complete your manuscript. It combines education and championing with serious editorial support to transform your manuscript into something that’s publish-ready. Any author who’s placed on Track 3 in our 3-track assessment system will be encouraged to partner with one of our coaches. However, you do not need to submit to She Writes Press to work with one of our coaches.

If you have been looking for a coach, please consider working with us. Start by taking a look at our coaches’ bios (scroll down to Developmental Editors & Coaches). If you see someone you want to work with, contact Publisher Brooke Warner and let her know that you might be a candidate for coaching.

Your coaching relationship will start with a complimentary strategy session with your coach. Your coach will then support you to complete, rework, or polish your manuscript. The direction your coaching takes will be determined by you and your coach as you work together. Editorial work beyond the scope of the actual one-on-one sessions (generally by phone) are subject to our editorial rates.

SWP coaching packages include four one-on-one coaching sessions, which are renewed as you progress in your relationship with your coach. Your coaching sessions are as unique as you are, and our coaches are ready to help you shape, strengthen, or create. Whatever your needs or aspirations are (again, even if they don’t involve publishing on SWP), we will help get you to the finish line.

Read more about our coaches and editors.