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She Writes Press is distributed by Ingram Publisher Services (IPS).

The benefits to traditional distribution are too big to quantify, and one of the primary reasons that She Writes Press is a leader in the hybrid publishing space. With Ingram Publisher Services, SWP has a built-in sales force, which gives visibility to your books, and, importantly, ensures they won’t receive any push back from independents (which is one of the biggest pain points of self-published authors). We have a whole team of reps who go out into the marketplace to sell books, not just to the big accounts (Amazon, B&N), but also to independent bookstores, libraries, online retailers, and specialty markets.

Your book will be available in Ingram’s catalog, which is available through Edelweiss. This is one of the primary online databases that booksellers review when choosing what books to order and carry.

IPS manages both our print and e-book distribution. Our e-books are available through 127 distribution partners. IPS also has international reach. While we do not have an active sales force selling your book into foreign marketplaces, foreign bookstores and other outlets will be able to order the book efficiently and easily through Ingram International.

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