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Project Description

Carole Bumpus, a retired family therapist, writes Savoring the Olde Ways, a food/travel blog taken from excerpts of her interviews with French and Italian families, and has been published in both the US and France for her articles on food. While researching A Cup of Redemption, she traveled as a “war correspondent” with US World War II veterans with the 3rd Infantry Division for the 60th anniversary of the Allies landing on the Southern Beaches of France and sent daily reports, blogs, and photos of the massive receptions held in the veterans’ honor in forty of the French villages they liberated. She will be repeating this trip in August 2014. Bumpus has been published in three short-story anthologies: Fault Zone: Words from the Edge, Fault Zone: Stepping up to the Edge, and Fault Zone: Over the Edge. A Cup of Redemption is her first historical novel, and is loosely based on the gripping, true-life excavation of an elderly French woman’s life and the honoring of the final request to find a father she never knew.


Sophie believed her childhood nightmares were safely behind her when she married and moved from France to the US—but when her mother, Marcelle, calls her to her deathbed and asks her to honor one final request (“Find Pourrette!”), Sophie can’t refuse. Marcelle, who never knew her father, has carried the Pourrette name—along with the shame of illegitimacy—her whole life; now it’s up to Sophie to scour that stain from her family’s past.

Kate, Sophie’s friend, who gave up her illegitimate child for adoption during wartime, finds herself awash in her own shame when her now-thirty-year-old daughter reappears in her life—and she jumps at the opportunity to help Sophie search for her grandfather in France.

Like the braiding of three strands of brioche, the lives of these three women become inextricably intertwined as each struggles to resolve issues from the past that have defined their lives.


Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook for A Cup of Redemption provides the promised recipes—both French and American—culled from the pages, the times, and the regional influences found in the historical novel A Cup of Redemption. Told through the voices of the three main characters—Marcelle, Sophie and Kate—the recipes are carefully taught in the way these women learned them: at the knees of their mothers or grandmothers. Whether “cuisine pauvre” (peasant cooking), “war food” from WWII, American fare, or simply a family favorite, each recipe is carefully described and footnoted with interesting, often amusing culinary notes. Flavored with witty repartee and slathered with common sense, this cookbook is filled with heart, soul, humor, and delectable delight.