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Project Description

Mary E. Plouffe, PhD is a clinical psychologist with thirty-five years of experience as a clinician, teacher, and consultant. She has served on the faculty of Maine Medical Center psychiatry residency training program, the Maine Board of Examiners, and The Collaborate School, and has provided consultation to school and courts. Her essays have been published by NRR, On the Issues Magazine, Brain, Child Magazine, Survivor Review, and Mothers Always Write. Find additional information at


A three-week adventure becomes a tragic dilemma for a loving sister, a motherless child, and a terrified father facing unimaginable loss together and using their relationships with one another to survive. I Know It In My Heart: Walking through Grief with a Child explores the impact of early parental loss, the evolution of grief from toddler to teenager, and the devastation of adult sibling loss. Told by Mary E. Plouffe—a grieving sister who is also a psychologist—the story is more than a memoir; it is an exploration of childhood and adult grief, and how family relationships can weave them into healing. Parents, therapists, and anyone else who wants to see loss though the eyes of a child will find useful information here for guiding children through loss, and understanding how those losses impact them as they grow. Narrated with professional wisdom steeped in personal pain, I Know It In My Heart brings us all a step closer to understanding, resilience, and healing.