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Project Description

Maryl Jo Fox grew up in Idaho and studied music at the University of Idaho before transferring to UC Berkeley for a BA in English. She went on to earn an MA in English at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Her short fiction has appeared in Passages North, Bat City Review, and other journals. Her writing also appeared in the LA Weekly and the LA Times. She is a former president of the L.A. Drama Critics Circle. She has taught literature and composition at Pasadena City College, Glendale College, and others, and currently leads a novels discussion group at Vromans bookstore in Pasadena. She discovered her focus in a UCLA Extension Writers’ Program class, “Master Sequence in Magic, Surrealism, and the Absurd.”


Eccentric widow Clara Breckenridge, seventy-three, is on a last-ditch journey to reconcile with her estranged son, confront the guilty secrets tied to her daughter’s death, and maybe find love again before she dies, miserable and alone. Magic purple wasps saved her as a child from an abusive father, and they want to help her now—but Clara, scared and stubborn, runs from revelation. When her beloved old house gets slated for destruction, Clara insists her son haul the entire structure from Eugene, Oregon, to Jackpot, Nevada. There she encounters troubled young people abandoned by their parents who turn Clara’s life upside down. Still, she won’t confront her past. Can Clara’s purple wasp companion actually help Clara join life again? Or will time run out, leaving her devastated and alone?