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We chose not to include editorial services as part of the She Publishes package because there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to an author’s editorial needs. She Writes Press editorial solutions are a cornerstone of our commitment to our authors, and we have established three specific tracks for authors who submit their works to SWP.

Track 1. Green Light/Good to Go

Track 1 is for those SWP authors who are ready for publication. Most likely you will have already worked with an editor. We are interested to know whether this is the case at the point of submission. If we determine that you have a publish-ready manuscript, you will proceed directly into the production process, meaning your manuscript will go straight to layout (designed pages).

Track 2. Copyediting (not included in the She Publishes package)

Track 2 is for those SWP authors whose manuscript requires something heavier than a proofread. Issues that might qualify a manuscript for a copyedit include overuse of certain turns of phrase, redundant word choices, or small inconsistencies in character, plot, or structure. We will offer a brief assessment of your work in order to point you to the places in your manuscript that have deemed it in need of a copyedit. We do not require that you get your copyedit done by She Writes Press, though we recommend it. We offer copyediting at a flat hourly rate of $60/hour. We employ a strong stable of copyeditors who are proficient in Chicago Manual of Style (the style guide of choice for book publishing).

Track 3. Developmental Editing/Coaching (not included in the She Publishes package)

Track 3 is for those authors who require more than a copyedit. We will recommend that these authors work with one of SWP’s team members for developmental editing and/or coaching. Your manuscript would qualify for this kind of service if we see inconsistencies in your story, the need for character and/or scene development, point of view problems, or lack of structure.

Proofreading (included in the She Publishes package)

All authors publishing on She Writes Press will have their final manuscript proofread after their project has been laid out (designed). This serves a dual purpose: to spot check for any formatting problems that might result from the layout itself, and for a final editorial eye on punctuation and other small errors that invariably become visible once a book has been designed and actually looks like a book! Our ultimate goal is that every SWP book mirror a traditional publishing model, and we strive to publish error-free books.